Does anyone remember when Neil Armstrong stepped down on the Moon? The Apollo Space Program was in full throttle and to many of us here on earth it was all about the fashion! Sound crazy to you? Think about it, you are a little kid, already interested in fashion and you see this puffed up astronaut able to bounce on the moon with these really cool boots!  (tell me someone else out there had these same feelings and I am not completely shoe crazed!)
Well evidently I was not alone in my fantasy!  Moon Boots Footwear was created in the early 1970s and went on to become a notable fashion trend throughout the 1980s! No, we weren’t wearing them on the moon but rather lusting over them on those who made them fashionable. They popped up on the street, runways and in clubs – and not only when the weather warranted it!
Their staying power has lasted over the years with a few boosts. From 1992-97 Sailor Moon spent her time trying to save the planet earth in her Moon Boots. Then in 2004  Napoleon Dynamite’s boots were wanted by all who followed his adventures and perhaps some of his slick dance moves!! It is not only the look of these boots that is the reason they have stayed around for decades. They are lightweight, warm, waterproof and ambidextrous! Yep, there is no left or right, just pull ’em on and go! They are bright and comfortable to wear. Coming this fall Moon Boots and RRRN will partner to offer my readers these iconic boots in the newest colors and patterns at a discount when you purchase them HERE with a special code from me. Leave a comment with your email and I send it to you!

moon sailor 

moon napoleon
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