Vela Contour Serum & Cream Review

Vela Contour Neck Tightening Firming Double Chin Reducer Face Lift Serum and Cream Review.

I am a lucky girl to get gifted this Vela Contour set to try out! I remember when I was younger my evil ex sis in law told me that the first thing to go and give away your age is your neck! Well she was right for once in her life! I struggle with those neck wrinkles and do not want to stoop down to wearing a scarf to cover it up everyday! So I have tried many products out there. I have seen little to no results. Sadly.  🙁 

I made this video after a few days of using Vela products and now it has been a week. That is not very long to see results but when I look in the mirror I really think I am seeing movement in the right direction! I am following their instructions, massage and all, and really feel hopeful! Vela’s system is a little different from others I have tried and just may be the answer! I always applied creams up, like fighting gravity, but Vela instructs to massage down and I am all over it! It just takes a few seconds a day and I believe will be sooooo worth it!


I am definitely going to continue use and will be sure to keep you posted. Follow me and check for updates on Instagram! Click here to get your own and get started on this awesome regimen!

I received this product for free, but all opinions are my own.


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