Tracy Watts “BE BOLD”

Please allow me to introduce TRACY WATTS!

Do you love the hats Madonna wears and wonder where she gets them? Tracy Watts! Her designs have been spotted on Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears to name a few.  She is a true artist who still believes in hand-made quality. Read all about her below and her interview with Kareen Mallet. Her motto is BE BOLD! Click on over to my shop to see more of her designs.

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Madonna Rockin’ a Tracy Watts Hat!


Brooklyn based milliner Tracy Watts creates handmade and unique designs for both men and women. Since her emergence in 1993, she has stayed true to the craft and the intricate details that set her hats apart from all the rest.

Each finishing touch is all done by hand and vintage machinery through artisinal methods. Utilizing both traditional cut and sew and hand blocking methods, her hats are sought after around the world from New York and Paris to Tokyo.

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As an artist and mould maker, it was inevitable that Tracy would find her niche in the sculptural world of hat design. She studied at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and under the tutelage Mme XXXX from Balenciaga, and found an outlet for the many ideas that have formed her collection of men and women’s hats. Tracy Watts Hats designs, manufactures and distributes a full contemporary line of women and men’s designer hats from our studio and showroom in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, New York.

Kareen Mallet chatted with Brooklyn based milliner Tracy Watts, where all her hats are made by hand.

Kareen Mallet: How do you stay connected? Social sites? Gadgets?
Tracy Watts: Instagram, iPhone, iPad, Women’s Wear Daily online, New York Times online, Business of Fashion, European fashion sites.

KM: Can you tell us- how do you get inspired every season?
TW: I look at a lot of images, I think about New York City, and I find materials really inspiring. When I find something new to work with, I find it really inspiring. Like, we used some reflective materials this spring, and industrial felt last fall: I try to look outside of my industry for interesting materials.

KM: What is your favorite era?
TW: Twenty years ago it would’ve been the ‘20s, but now it’s the ‘70s: both are periods of rebellion.

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KM: Which fashion icons rock the millinery the best?
TW: As far as designers, Balenciaga – the millinery was amazing! Bianca Jagger is THE millinery fashion icon.

KM: Best concert you’ve ever been to? What do you listen on your way to work?
TW: The Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden. Everyone was there from Clapton to Johnny Cash. It was amazing. On my way to work, I listen to ‘70s R&B.

KM: Dead or alive, who would you like to party with?
TW:  Definitely George Harrison.

KM: Which celebrity would you go on a shopping date with?

TW: Cate Blanchett. I think she’s very elegant.

KM: What is your motto?

TW: Be Bold!

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