Week Two

It is now two weeks that i have been using the Clarisonic PLUS. My skin care routine has changed for the better! I have used it every night, trying different clleansers to see which one my skin likes most! I’m still in the testing stage with that but will keep u posted. I have really enjoyed using it, i feel like i am actually acomplishing something each time. I have not had any of those nasty post work out break outs around my nose. And that is fab, coz they really hurt! I have def seen An improvement in my skin tone. It has become more even. Yesterday when i was checkin myself out in the car mirror before work i had to do a double take. I had on only moisturizer and mineral powdwer but my skin looked polished, yes, that’s the right word! Polished as if i had spent an hour on my skin layering it to perfection! This was a nice bonus for sure. I am a happy camper! This evening i get to get all dolled up to go out and i am going to try the body brush and refining skin polish in the shower! Thank you so much Clarisonic for such a great product! More to follow…. xo r



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