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For me, Utopia exists only two weeks a year.

These past few weeks of brutal winter in New York City have me daydreaming of my yearly summer escape to the beautiful Island of Corsica, where my two sisters and I meet up with all of our children for a summer “camp” deluxe at my parent’s summer home in Porto-Vecchio. In the book Gypset Living (published by Assouline), Julia Chaplin explores the lives of gypsy jet-setters, who live simple lives in dazzling and fascinating homes. She mentions several rules and her #4 is so right-on: “In the Mediterranean, everything from swimming to soul searching should be done with an entourage”. Our gypset lifestyle in Corsica is a peaceful haven of good times, with a family of 14 under the same roof (or veranda), coupled with a sense of glamour that’s accentuated by the paradisiac surrounding while living a simple life inspired by the locals.

Luxe Bohemian has been a recurring theme in fashion ever since Yves Saint Laurent got acquainted with Talitha Getty in Morocco in the ‘60s.  I love this trend because it mixes romanticism and optimism together, along with a simple exotic elegance. The ‘70s gypset (for gypsy and jet-setters) look is luxurious, flamboyant, and full of glamour. It is a nice change after years of a utilitarian and modern approach to fashion.


Citizens of the world, Kate Moss and Jade Jagger, embody this way of life. They have a free spirit that is modern and sexy. Kate Moss once said, “I am so romantic about Gypsies”.  At her wedding to Jamie Hince, she epitomized simplicity, wearing a flowing tulle John Galliano dress, embroidered with tiny golden paillettes and plumes. She celebrated while surrounded by children, who adorned flowers in their golden locks. Trend-setter Jade Jagger is also synonymous with the hippie-chic lifestyle. She has mastered this romantic look, nailing these few tips:

• The mix of textures and patterns is key. Think colors, florals and paisley, jacquard and lamé. BYOP (bring your own pillow) and start lounging.

• Loose, fluid silhouettes such as kaftans and tunics are more glamourous than tailored pieces. KAS has the perfect ones for that lounging lifestyle.

• Feel the love with dangling earrings and necklaces adorned with precious and colorful stones. For those, look no further than handcrafted jewels from Barrera.

In this always-connected digital age, this vie de boheme is something I aspire to: romanticism, confidence, liberation. Hedonism? Take it easy.



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