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gift_cardIf you haven’t idolized, pretended to be, and convinced yourself that you are, in part, at least one (ideally five) of the wide range of Disney Princesses, then you should probably cease reading this article now.

If, however, you are like me, and have been mentally, emotionally, and — for the purposes of this piece — stylistically, impacted by the likes of Belle, Ariel, Snow, heck- even Nala, then the following fashion comparisons are one’s to which you’re likely to relate.

On that Alan Menken-written note, I present to you, five modern day style interpretations of Disney princess perfection.

Let’s not save the best for last and start this off with a proverbial bang.

01Pocahontas. & Fringed Clothing
To say that the movie Pocahontas has had a big impact on my life is an understatement so grotesque that I know no way to convey the hold that this movie and character have had over my being.

From lofty aspirations of singing while paddling a canoe over a waterfall, to more attainable goals of simply being unreasonably stubborn in any and all scenarios, Pocahontas has influenced me in too many ways to measure.

Her specific stylistic decisions are merely one of those influential components. Most crucially — fringe.
From fringed skirts, like this Raoul one, in woven and suede textures, to fringe-adorned crop tops, vests and — lest we forget — footwear — there are few things I don’t think can be made better by a bit of tactfully shredded fabric.

Gauging to Poca’s signature outfit, she agrees.
Side note: Girl should probably invest in a change of clothes.

02Jasmine & V-shaped Waistlines
There was always something incredibly compelling to me about the shape of the top of Jasmine’s pants. A random, but noticeable, detail — that subtle V is not only alluring, but flattering, and adds a bit of intrigue to the midriff, which is so often abused.

Today, seeking this detail is not always easy, but unquestionably rewarding. V-shaped waistlines are skirts and dresses are the most common iteration, and never fail to result on a full on performance of A Whole New World, complete with pseudo carpet ride and all.

Note: Ariel’s tail can very well be considered a second, and equally as effective, example. To that point, Snow White’s got a little V-action going on too.

It’s a cult. Join it.

03Belle & Low Ponytails.
When perfected, there is nothing as effortlessly beautiful as the loose, low, delicately draping ponytail. Shadowed beneath its higher-angled and attention seeking counterpart, the low ponytail holds a special place in my heart, largely due to our dear beautiful bookworm, Belle. Tied together with a ribbon (or, if you please, Ruffian silk scarf), and topped off with a carefully placed wisp of loose chocolate brown hair, Belle’s ponytail is the epitome of elegance — provincial or not.

04Mulan & Ballet Slippers
Fine. Not “ballet” slippers. Ninja slippers?

Regardless, her shoes are on point. As someone who is typically averse to Raoul flat footwear, by contrasting it with the menswear ensembles and the fact that Mulan is, in short, a pretty killer chick, her selection in foot accouterments is alluring. To this day, every time I fear that my flats are too feminine, I imagine myself defeating the Hun, hooking up with my strong-but-sensitive military captain, obtaining a magical cricket, and saving my country — and all is right with the world.

05Ariel & Strapless bras/bikinis
Say what you will about strapless lingerie — if Ariel can wear one while swimming under countless tons of oceanic pressure and frolicking with a spunky flounder, you can wear one to the bar on E 12th St.

Show off your collarbones, avoid strap imprints on your shoulders, and go forth. You’re part of their world, now.

06Snow White & Blush
Blush gets a bad rap — ,probably because it’s been abused to no avail. Alas — if we harken back to the days of our fair Snow White, we can really assess the true implications of appropriately-placed rouge. The cosmetic application is the ideal way to imbue a hue of innocence and with an aptly placed touch of sex appeal.

Well down, Snow, though, let’s leave the mascara to the pros next time. You’re down to three eyelashes, and I’m starting to fear for your future.

So, next time you’re seeking stylistic inspiration, look no further than your vintage VHS tapes, or secret adult coloring books. Sure, street style’s great, but fantasy worlds are infinitely better.


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