The Slow Torture or I Love Shoes

Just Fab Shoe Club
I love shoes. You could say I have an obsession with shoes. I look at shoes in every store that has them, when ever I’m in a store.  I look at shoes on my net book at night.
I buy them – often.  I found 2 websites that are shoe clubs. I thought “how perfect someone who really understands me”. So I gazed at them in the evenings and soon joined one.  Again I thought “how perfect” Boundless amounts of shoes, boots, gladiators, flips, peep toe short boots, wedges, platforms, what fun!!!!!!

    (This is where the torture part begins.)
       It didn’t take long to realize that I was only privy to 5 pair a month to choose from. Impossible!!! I could not believe it, you log in everyday and only get to look at 5 pair for a whole month!  Ya gotta understand, you take the survey so the stylists “know you” and select shoes for you.  So you wait for the first of the month for the new selections and then finally THERE THEY ARE! Then your like, WTF, this is it?!  
        Suddenly I am Linus waiting for the great pumpkin all night only to find out he had missed Halloween.  I felt cheated but still checked them most evenings for just a glimpse, a little inkling of what could be – only to be disappointed again.  TORTURE, ya get it? Pure Torture.  For someone with a shoe obsession it is TORTURE! So what did I do?? I joined the second one!! Same scenario, but now with 10 pair per month! Then finally I bought my first pair. It took time before we clicked, but we finally did! 
          It was a good kind of torture waiting for them, waiting for the UPS guy to bring them by my  door. Then there they were! OMG!!! The excitement is unparalleled!! OMG!!! again.   I open the wrapping and what is inside makes me happy! Very! There is a black box with Just Fabulous written in purple on the top.  Open the top and purp-ly fuchsia tissue paper is wrapped around each shoe.  There is a black bag to store them in. Then, the boots, ….I loved them.  They are even named…Zahra.  Exotic…Nice.  Even when my husband said my feet looked like “**hooves**” (They are brown wedge boots) I didn’t let it ruin it for me.  And all of this for pocket money.  Gotta love it!
       So I will stick with it, feed my obsession with shoes especially picked for me, once a month…..Of course I still shop for shoes as often as possible, where ever possible!!  xoxoxox r

credits: Thank you A for encouraging me and ESV for “unparalleled.

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Just Fab

**hoof ho͝of,ho͞of noun
1.the horny part of the foot of an ungulate animal, esp. a horse.




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