Think Naturally: Why You Should Pay Attention to Skincare Ingredients

Think Naturally: Why You Should Pay Attention to Skincare Ingredients

Taking care of your skin is about your health as well as your appearance. Nowadays, we scrutinize labels on food packages, avoiding trans fats, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, and gluten— so why aren’t we doing the same when it comes to our skin? If you’re not already reading the tiny font on the back of your skincare products, then here are some compelling reasons to start:

Your body absorbs what goes on your skin
Ask yourself: do I want this in my body? Your skin is your first line of defense against illnesses and toxins, but it can only do so much when you’re applying toxins to the most delicate areas of your skin twice a day. Skincare products tend to be far less regulated than food, so it’s your job to investigate what exactly is in that little bottle. You’ll be better off with products that use natural, tested ingredients and are transparent about what those ingredients can do.

Some brands will mislead you
Many skincare products try to lure in buyers with psychological attractions such as fragrance, packaging, and brand strength, while downplaying the ingredients. Sometimes a company will even promote a certain natural ingredient, when in reality, their products don’t contain enough of the ingredient to actually be effective.

Dermatologist-tested isn’t the same as dermatologist-endorsed
A product always feels a little safer when it says “dermatologist-tested,” but as we’ve already pointed out, labels can be tricky. Just because a dermatologist has tested a skincare product doesn’t necessarily mean they would recommend it to you. Always look for dermatologist-endorsed products!

Care for your skin like you would the rest of your body— take the time to read the label closely for natural, effective ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and dermatologist recommended!

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