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If there’s nothing else, my inability to pack coherently for vacation is one thing I can consistently count on. It’s not that I don’t start with a plan, because I always do. Quite systematically in fact. I take into consideration the number of days, how many casual looks I will need vs how many dressier ones, take the weather and humidity into consideration, and if I’m feeling especially geeky, I’ll photograph each outfit and put it into a folder on my phone for easy reference.
Regardless of how I feel when boarding my plane, my most calculated wardrobe plans come unraveled faster than the humidity can cancel out my blowout. Because no matter how prepared I think I am, I usually end up wearing the few 5 items on repeat.

These days, my approach is more laid-back. As in, I make sure I’ve got my 5 major essentials, and then just throw in a bunch of stuff that seems weather appropriate, add sneakers, and hope for the best! And you know what? It totally works, thanks to my 6 vacation essentials that even my vacation brain can handle.

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1. Midi Dress: The key here is to choose something you can dress up or down, but that’s also comfortable. This Raoul Blaze Midi Dress is absolutely perfect for a nice dinner out, but if you pair it with a straw fedora and sandals, you’ve got a fabulous daytime look.
2. Sandals: It goes without saying that sandals are absolutely imperative. But what kind of sandals and what color? Here’s a tip: go for a metallic hue like these Raoul Mirror Flat Sandals, and they will match everything in your suitcase.
3. Outerwear: This is the thing I often forget the most. Afterall, I’m usually traveling to chase the heat! But that doesn’t mean that the plane ride over won’t leave me freezing, or that the evenings can promise to be just as balmy as the days. Surprisingly, I’ve found that a blazer or a moto cut, like this Olive + Oak Motocrossed Jacket are the best styles to bring, as they add a touch of tailoring to any look.
4. Denim Shorts: Denim shorts are what I reach for on an almost everyday basis when I’m on vacation. Why? Because I need something that’s durable if I decide to go on a midday hike, but that also works for the beach, or for a lazy boardwalk stroll. For me, spontaneity is a big part of vacation, and I need something that can keep up. Bonus if the shorts are as adorable as these Olive + Oak Chambray For Sure Shorts.
5. Tunic Dress: Why do I love tunic dresses so much for vacation? Because they double as a coverup for the beach! Plus, on most vacations, you can wear them to dinner too. Especially if they’re as breathtaking as this Karen Zambos Andre Dress.
As long as I have these 5 things, all I have to do is toss in some tank tops, my bikini and plenty of underwear, and set my vacation brain on autopilot!

Great post! What is on your list?!

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  1. On my vacation list depending where I’m going I would usually take extra things that way I don’t run out of anything for example: extra tee shirts, socks, underwear, etc.

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